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Kids Stained Glass Window

The weekend just gone saw the sun shining. What better way to enjoy it than making these kids stained glass windows. They looked beautiful up in the window with the sun pouring through the colours. The boys have affixed theirs to their bedroom windows, while I have situated mine on the mini window in the downstairs loo!

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A Snowy Night

Canvas work is something that has been at the forefront of my mind for some time. Both in terms of business, creating and promoting my range but also from a personal point of view

It’s not something I have ever felt comfortable to step into. Me, create a piece of art? Use paints and brushes and actually have a recognisable piece of art at the end of it? No I couldn’t possibly do that.

Today however saw me step out of my comfort zone and actually put paint on canvas and bring to life some silver birch trees . I’ve detailed below what I did, why don’t you have a go?

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Canvas just got foxy

Foxy sketch

I’ve never been particularly artistic despite selling children’s craft kits.

I think it’s been a lack of confidence really, that people wouldn’t like my work and I’ve let that stop me.

I’ve decided I’d really like to learn to draw, because I want to and because I want to expand my range of canvas designs.

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Sand Art at Andy’s Fun Day 2018 which raised 7k!

Andy's Fun Day

On the 15th of September 2018, I attended a family fun day titled Andy’s Fun Day, where I held my Sand Art stall.

The day was set up by Katie Gillard, the daughter of Andrew Gillard. Unfortunately, Andrew had fought a battle with cancer for 19 years whereby this devasting illness took his life on Boxing Day 2017. Continue reading Sand Art at Andy’s Fun Day 2018 which raised 7k!

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Horningsham Fayre 2018

Last Sunday I held a stall at Horningsham Fayre for the first time and I hope to attend again next year! The event turned out to be my most successful event to date yet.

The lead up was exciting, busy and exhausting as it was expected to be my busiest day with an expected footfall of 1500 people, not only that but it was the first event where I launched my pottery painting. I spent the two weeks before literally painting my house and myself in plaster of paris, making sure I had enough molds completed for the day, much to my households annoyance! Continue reading Horningsham Fayre 2018