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Dino Egg Art for Toddlers

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We are massive dinosaur fans in this house so after the release of Camp Cretaceous 2, we just had to make our own dinosaur eggs.

It’s a really simple and non messy craft, just needs some assembling by an adult.

Have a game of peep-o with your new baby Dino.

Dino Egg Art Activity

You will need:

Dinosaur print out

STEP 1: First off you’ll need to print out a Dino baby. I printed ours on card so that it was sturdier within the egg, that and my kids aren’t the gentlest.

You can grab the printout here.

Dinosaur egg colouring

STEP 2: We started with the dinosaur egg first. I grabbed a paper plate and just let Marlowe loose with the felt tip pens. She decided to make a ‘spotty’ egg!

Dinosaur colouring

STEP 3: Next up we coloured in our Dino baby. The look of concentration on her face.

Feel free to add any extra bits to the dinosaur, gems, stickers or feathers. Whatever you fancy, just stick them on the neck upwards.

Dinosaur egg

STEP 4: Once Marlowe was all felt tipped out, I cut the paper plate to resemble a cracked egg.
If you draw a zig zag line across the back of the plate, this can also double up as a good scissor skills activity for those who are capable. Marlowe isn’t quite there yet, she was more interested in chopping the chair.

Dinosaur egg

STEP 5: I cut out the dinosaur as that’s more difficult, then with a glue stick I stuck the bottom half of the Dino to the back of the bottom half plate.

STEP 6: Using a split pin, connect the two edges of one side of the egg, this will allow it to open and close to reveal the baby Dino. Give the edges of the plate a trim so it looks more like an egg.

Voila! A baby Dino egg!

Drop me some photos of your completed Dino eggs in the comment box below. If you fancy some more dinosaur crafts then check out one of our Dinosaur Sand Art kits.

Jade x