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Dinosaur Footprint Painting

Dinosaur footprints

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Dinosaur footprint painting is a really simple activity but fun and not that messy. Explore what type of footprints you can make, talk about colours and include some counting! Fun and educational, bonus!

Dinosaur Footprint Painting Activity

You will need:

STEP 1: Get your paints and plop some on a plate you don’t mind getting dirty so that they make little puddles of paint. Colour choice is totally up to you.

Dinosaur footprint painting

STEP 2: Grab your dinosaurs, dip in the paint and let them go at it.

It’s such an easy activity.

Can they make a trail of footprints? Can they make multicoloured footprints?

Throw in some conversation of colour matching, mixing and numbers to make for a great educational activity.

Dinosaur footprint painting

STEP 3: Let your pictures dry and hang them up.

Lastly is the clean up and you could get the kids involved with this. Get a bowl of water with some bubbles, then it’s the dinosaurs bath time!

Job done!

Drop me some photos of your dinosaur footprint paintings below in the comment box. I’d love to see what colour combos you come up with. If you fancy another colourful activity then check out our Sand Art Dinosaur Kit.

Jade x