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If your order has not arrived within the specified delivery time, please contact our Online Customer Services Team, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 8pm, or on Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm by emailing the Online Customer Services Team.

You will need your order reference number from your order confirmation email.

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Postage prices not only cover the cost of the actual postage but also the packaging your item is delivered in to ensure it arrives safely.

We offer two postal services, 1st class and 2nd class via Royal Mail.

Prices start from –

1st class – £1.80 

2nd class – £1.60

If multiple kits are ordered at the same time, they will all be shipped within the same box.

At the moment we cannot ship outside the UK, but hope to introduce this service soon.

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All products are sent within a suitable postal box for protection, smaller items such as our Sand Art and Pottery Painting kits will be wrapped in tissue paper for presentation. These are presented in such a way that they can be given or sent directly as gifts.

Check out our little video –

Think I’ve cracked it! #packaging #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #sandart #gifts #giftideas #customer

Posted by Marlowe’s Makes on Saturday, 23 June 2018

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Orders will be dispatched within 1-2 working days depending on the time of the order.

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Payment (1)

You can pay for your online order in the following ways through PayPal:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Debit
  • Maestro
  • PayPal

We do not accept Visa Electron or American Express.

When placing an order in the UK the address the card is registered to must be in the UK if paying by card.

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Affiliates (11)

For general questions about the Marlowe’s Makes Affiliate Program, you can also visit the Affiliates FAQ section of this website.

Alternatively, if you can’t find the answer to your question within the FAQ section then please email us directly at jade@marlowesmakes.co.uk for affiliate program related questions.

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You can start earning commissions as soon as your account has been approved. We hope to approve all affiliate accounts within 24 hours.

Sign Up now!

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Your ad banners and links will be provided to you within the ‘Creative’ section of your affiliate control panel after you have registered your affiliate account.

You can also make your own images if you would rather not use ours, as long as the image is using your affiliate link it will work just fine.

We offer the following banner sizes –

  • 336×280 large rectangle
  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 728 x 90 leaderboard
  • 300 x 600 half page
  • 320×100 large mobile banner
  • 320×50 mobile leaderboard

You can read more about their uses and positions over at Google.

You can also make your own custom links using the link generator.

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Your affiliate transactions are tracked the same way your favorite website automatically fills in your username each time you visit from your personal computer: with cookies. These cookies remember which affiliate’s link or ad was clicked by the visitor. Once that transaction and sale is made, the cookies tell the parent company who to pay.

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You can register by visiting our affiliate sign up page. There is nothing to purchase and you will not be required to abide by sales quotas or rituals. You can make as much money as you would like, whenever you like. Once your account is activated, you may sign in at the bottom of the page under ‘Accounts’ or https://www.marlowesmakes.co.uk/affiliate-area/.

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Most sites on the internet require cookies to be enabled, and this technology will remain part of the internet for a long time.A customer who has cookies disabled on their browser will not be able to have their sales tracked; however, studies have shown that cookies are rejected by users only 0.68% of the time, so you have a 99.32% chance of making a successful sale.

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Affiliates can track their sales activity and commissions within the affiliate control panel.

How to Associate an Affiliate Sale with a Specific Site or Offer

Within your affiliate control panel, you are supplied with an affiliate url generator where you can easily copy and paste any link from our website and it will turn it into an affiliate link for you to share.


Example Link:


Example Link + Campaign ID:


In this example, the text campaign1 would show up under Manage Campaigns in your affiliate control panel.

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Marlowe’s Makes pays affiliate commissions by PayPal (PayPal fees apply). Commissions cannot be applied directly toward products or services.
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Commissions are verified at the end of each month, 2 months after the sale was sent. Payments are then sent within the first week of the next month. The registered account must also meet our requirements per our TOS and be currently active and paid up to date at the time of payout, and there is a £10 minimum balance to reach before you are paid. If you have not accumulated £10 in commissions, any unpaid commissions would be held until you accumulated £10, at which time it will be paid out.

Example 1:

For example, if you made two sales in January, the sales will be verified at the end of March and you will be paid your £10 commission the first week of April. If you continue to make regular sales each month afterward, then expect to be paid on the first week of every month (after your first commission payment).

January February March April
2+ Sales Made   January Sales
(Near End of Month)
January Sales
Paid Out
(First Week)

Example 2:

However, if you only received one (1) sale in December, that sale would be verified at the end of February. Since the commission is less than £10 and no previous commission is due to you, then that commission would be held until you made another sale which would bring your commission balance up to £10. If in January, you made another verified sale, that sales would be verified in March. At this time, you would have qualified for a payout for both sales, which would be paid the first week of April.

December January February March April
1 Sale Made 1 Sale Made December Sale
January Sale
Paid Out
(Dec & Jan)
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How much would you like to earn? You can either be a casual affiliate and let your links and banner ads naturally draw in business, or you can actively pursue sales and commission targets and rake in your earnings.

It’s all up to you! Marlowe’s Makes does not cap our affiliates’ earning potential. You may make as much money as you can legitimately earn. If you get rich, we won’t be mad.

Sales will generate you between 5-10% commision. You can also earn 2% commision on any new sub-affiliates sales.

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An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive a commission for helping a parent company (such as Marlowe’s Makes) generate sales. The parent company provides you with all your advertising tools such as banner ads, links and tracking codes for you to place on your sites, in your emails or other internet listings.

When a visitor to your site or listing clicks on an ad or link, the transaction is tracked. If this transaction results in a sale for the parent company, you get paid for that sale. It’s that simple!

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