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Kids Stained Glass Window

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The weekend just gone saw the sun shining. What better way to enjoy it than making these kids stained glass windows. They looked beautiful up in the window with the sun pouring through the colours. The boys have affixed theirs to their bedroom windows, while I have situated mine on the mini window in the downstairs loo!

This activity is really simple but effective and it occupied children from 1 to 9 years. The older boys were my fantastic helpers, helping to prepare the materials whilst I set everything else up for the toddler.


You can use classier materials such as a mount board to frame and support your stained glass window (which is what we did) or you can go the scrap route and use card you have lying around, it just won’t be as strong. Alternatively, you can get one of our Make It – Stained Glass Window Kits which come with the mount board and everything else you need (a ready-made activity to go).

Next, you’ll need some tissue paper, most of us have some lying around but in case you don’t, you can grab your self a mixed tissue paper pack from most places.

Next we need something sticky! We used contact paper, so although slightly more expensive, it did however give a ‘frosty’ look and wasn’t completely see through. It’s quite thick too which I found easier to work with. Alternatively you could use sticky back plastic.

The boys really enjoyed doing the activity. They used the tissue paper in various ways to create their stained glass look.

Get crafting

For mine, I tried to achieve a symmetrical look, based on a face. It had a central ‘nose’ and then I tried to mirror each side so that they looked similar. Quite a task with different sized bits of tissue paper, ha!

My Stained Glass Window

Carson just went all out and had no specific rhyme or rhythm to his design, it was just purely what he felt on placing the tissue paper where he thought it should go. Kaylen, on the other hand, was more methodical and worked in lines. He thought about which colours to use, making lines and then repeated them to create a pattern. Not bad for a child with learning difficulties, great use of pattern recognition there.

Once we were happy with our designs and had finished adding to it, we sealed them up and mounted them to our mountboards. As you can see below, we did some beautiful decoration to jazz them up a bit. Carson even went as far as to personalise his!

Our Finished Stained Glass Windows

We, of course, had to try them out and prop them up against the window. The children were very happy. These kids stained glass windows get a big thumbs up from us. Don’t forget if you want a pre-made ready pack to either hand over as a gift, or to have to hand for your children then you can grab one of our Make It – Stained Glass Window Kits.

Completed Stained Glass Windows

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