Handmade Nesting and Stacking Shapes


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This beautiful set of wooden shapes have been made from hand, are totally unique and feature three different wood types.

The larger outer shapes are made from tulip, the middle shapes are made from oak and the inside shape is made from ash.

The set can be used to match up shapes by nesting them or used to stack. Each activity encourages, patience and fine motor skills.

shape sizes approx:

  • Largest triangle: 10-11cm
  • Largest square: 9-9.5cm
  • Largest star: 11cm
  • Largest circle: 10cm

Are these shapes perfectly square and uniform? No of course they aren’t. Each shape has been hand cut and sanded both inside and out. Each set is totally unique, original and quirky. If you are looking for something perfectly uniform then this probably isn’t the set for you.

Recommended for 3 years plus due to small parts.

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