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‘There was once a dragon called Jasper who wasn’t like the other dragons. Jasper couldn’t breathe fire.
Whenever he tried, great big jets of water flew out of his mouth instead.’

The story follows an unique dragon, Jasper, who breathes water instead of fire. Jasper becomes marginalised when he can’t join in with the fun that the fire breathing dragons have with the people of Huffenpuffen Valley. During this heart-warming tale Jasper finds his own way to help people so that everyone realises that Jasper is special because he’s unique.

This fun story can be enjoyed by children who like dragons, fire fighters and fire engines.

Jasper the Firefighting Dragon encourages children to find their place in the world and accept others who may be different. It is a story about friendship which may help children starting nursery or school.

This colourful picture book is ideal for girls and boys aged between 3 – 7 years, with older children reading it themselves and younger children having it read to them.

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